Desert Bus at 92/142 hours

If you haven’t tuned in yet, you should check it out! Even William Shatner was watching.

My Doctor Who scarf this year auctioned for $2,800. You can check out the listing here. Tomorrow at 6 am PST, the Scarf Purse will be on silent auction for 8 hours. I don’t expect it will go for much, but I’m hoping it will make some Doctor Who fan a nice Christmas present while benefiting charity 🙂

You can search on Youtube for “Desert Bus for Hope 6” or “DB6” and there is plenty of footage of things you might have missed, plus there are still tons of nerdy give-aways and auctions. You might win something rad for a $5 contribution!

There was Gangnam Style when they reached the lifetime donation amount (6 year total) of 1 million dollars.

1 million dollars!