Resetting the Pace

There’s been quite a bit of slow-down in my life in all areas due to school. As the last year of school approached and I set my sights on internship and finally having a Masters degree, hobbies and exercise alike dropped off my radar of priorities. I feel somewhat bad about this considering I had an increase in people following my blog right before this happened.

Desert Bus for Hope season approaches again (busing begins Nov 14th!). I have not participated in two years, which makes me a little sad. I hope to make a come-back in that area next year. My brain is full of nerdy crafting ideas!

Now that I have graduated and hope to find a new job in my career field, I look forward to setting a new, steady pace of working out, creating things, and drinking beer. I hope to add hiking to my list of hobbies soon. If all goes well, all of these things will fall into place and begin to feel normal.


Downtown Portland from the top of Mount Tabor City Park



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