Another purse endeavour

Before the Doctor Who purse, I had already been mulling over a design for a purse for myself. Not being a very girly-girl in general, I lack… well… any purses in my house. Back in college I quickly found that I would forget my purse under cafeteria tables or in the library and decided I shouldn’t be allowed to carry one. Now that I am not so forgetful and like to wear skirts, I realized I should have something small to hold my things when I have no pockets (not to mention they don’t really make girl-pockets big enough to hold anything).

I will eventually make another Scarf Purse for me (the first one being bound for Desert Bus), but this week I decided to work on a simple, small, purple purse. I’m not claiming this pattern to be particularly original, since the design is real simple. Any beginning knitter who knows stockinette stitch and seaming could make one.

I figured I could make a small strip, like a scarf, and fold it over so that it had front, inner pocket, back, and closing flap – all in one piece. Next, you can either seam up all the edges and make a handle, or knit a long, inch-wide strip to seam to the sides and continue as a handle. At this point, I am almost finished with the body and haven’t decided on the handle design yet. I used a nice worsted-weight yarn, switching to a thinner yarn for the inside pocket so that the purse would not end up being super thick, then back to the worsted.

Photos to come, but here’s the basic idea in a poorly-drawn Paint sketch:

Behold, the amazingly complex purse design!

Once done, it will be just large enough to hold a cell phone, wallet, keys, etc, with a (most likely frivolous) zipper pocket in the middle. I’m also going to try my hand at beading and work the VNV Nation logo into the closing flap.


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